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Yes that's right

It's your friendly (or not cause I'm probably too shy to talk to you) neighbourhood (or not cause I live in Australia aka basically the middle of nowhere) spider (or not cause I damn hate spiders) man (or not cause I'm female) and crap I tried

My name is Rose! Nice to meet you ^^

My interests now are:

Detective Conan (JUST WARNING YOU, I am damn obsessed with this 7 year old called edogawa conan i am not a pedofile he's actually 17 but stuck in a child's body ok. I like other anime n manga too but dc is the only series i'm reading and watching currently and i haven't watched/read other series in forever lol)

Hey! Say! JUMP
(i also like Arashi that's how i got into this johnny's business lol and Sexy Zone. I don't really know other JE groups as well haha)

(i'm pretty new lol, but i mostly got in cause of my friends ha ha ha hahaha NCT is awesome and yeah so is BTS   100% are really awesome too!!)

EDM (good stuff man)

YouTube (yknow like everyone else  but i don't watch many actual youtubers anymore)

Bollywood (my mum puts the indian and pakistani tv on for me and sometimes bollywood movies/songs/news would go on and yeah haha. Also my friend who is indian is learning hindi now and she like sends me bollywood memes n stuff rofl)

Follow me on Twitter! (that means follow me you doofus)

why school why

smh just give us no homework for half the term then give us four assignments at the end of the term

i mean, two of them can be given after the holidays and the one due in two days is kinda stupid and i'm almost done and the teacher hasn't given anything for the other one due before the holidays so like idk it's not that bad

well it's better than last year  damn got like 5 pieces of hw on the very first day and got a hell load of assignments

they say that this year is the last year for chilling and actually enjoying school life and that next year until year 12 is studying hell

gotta get my study habits on
or try to anyway

lol whats studying when we have detective conan where i learn stuff which are mostly pretty useless cause i don't live in japan

speaking of dc this new episode (831, and last week's too) i s2g i was was so confused like was this supposed to be a mystery story or a freaking zombie apocalypse freaking i swear

also this scene i swear i was dying on the bus lmaoo heiji pls

ok bye

Okay, I was really gonna make this into a blog but on second thought I decided against it, haha.

But I'm really comtemplating on whether I should get Tumblr (cause in 2014 I basically swore to myself that I would never get Tumblr, haha)


Also, I've been wanting to start a DCMK ask blog on Tumblr, but then again I can't draw, especially digitally (ohhhh man), and I would need to research on the character a lot (was thinking of doing Heiji cause he's my favourite character apart from Haibara).

But I might do it anyway, haha.

For my actual blog, I may just use WordPress or something, yeah.

i'll leave now

EDIT: I made a DCMK Heiji ask blog uuuuuggggggg fml this is gonna fail so bad hahahahaha

Also I made an actual blog on WordPress ayyy


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